In the last few years, you may have learned more about the five brain state patterns humans’ exhibit: Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta and Gamma. The frequency ranges for each of these patterns are measured in Hertz, or waves per second, and help to describe the mental functions of the body at the time. Our everyday conscious, problem-solving mind are in Beta (12 to 38 Hz), where we remain for most of the day. Alpha (8 and 12 Hz) I often describe as the bridge between our Beta mind and sleeping. Often referred to as the hypnogogic state, this might be the moment when you first wake up and remember your dream in a sleepy state or when an idea pops into you head. Theta (3 to 8 Hz) refers to a sleeping pattern where the body is in repair. Theta states are extremely important for the body to stay and remain in a state of homeostasis.  Delta (0.5 and 4 Hz range) is a state of deep sleep where dreaming does NOT occur and it is almost impossible to stay conscious during this state. Interestingly, Delta brainwave patterns is the state we mostly experience as an infant (under 1) and right before we die. There is speculation that this is when we connect to the Godhead or the collective unconscious.  Lastly, Gamma is a state often only reached in states of deep meditation or concentration and the fastest brainwave pattern of all. These states help to solve highly complex problems.  

Harnessing our knowledge of brainwave patterns, we can positively use new technologies to induce these states. For instance, maybe you are preoccupied with a problem and having trouble sleeping. We can use light, sound and vibration to loll the body into a deep state of rest and override the Beta brainwaves that are keeping you from allowing the body the rest it needs to function and find solutions. Other people want to boost their creativity or accomplish a specific goal. One of the most powerful ways I personally like to use this therapy is like setting a sankalpa in a yoga nidra practice. Utilizing this methodology, we come prepared with an intention of something we would like to manifest in the next 6 months. During the treatment we repeat this intention at specific points, in order to “plant the seed” in our subconscious mind.Attuning to these deeply relaxed states allow us the ability to plant this seed in the area of the brain that is responsible for attracting in our reality. Think of this as planting in very fertile ground, where our seed has all the necessary nutrients to grow.

You may be wondering but how do you induce a brainwave pattern? This is where it gets fun! At Starlight House we attune the body through all the senses. We use sound, light and vibration to lure your body into the appropriate state.  In this immersive experience, not only will your brain state patterns be altered through the specific use of sound and light you will actually FEEL the vibration of specific frequencies.

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