The Frequency

What We Do

Attune Your Frequency

The Starlight House couples ancient practices with modern day technologies to attune your frequency, entice the body into self healing modes and align you with the wisdom of your higher self.



Vibrational Medicine


We’re a vibrational (energy) medicine studio utilizing brainwave entrainment, also known as fractionation hypnosis a form of light therapy, in conjunction with sound and vibration to help attune the biofield and stimulate the pineal gland. Biofield therapies interact with the subtle energy systems of the body to harmonize and bring balance, often unclogging stagnant areas or calming down over excited energy that may be causing imbalance or disease.  We utilize a custom vibroacoustic sound bed to immerse you in healing frequencies and harmonics.

Flower Essences


Another form of vibrational therapy we utilize is flower essences. Flower remedies do not contain plant material but hold the vibrational patterns of plants and flowers, which work with the subtle energy system to address emotional imbalances.

We offer flower essence consultations using the Bach system and can recommend dosage and blends to help support emotional blocks and disturbances that are either chronic or acute.

Community Offerings


Although most of our services are offered in a one-on-one intimate setting, we hold a monthly sound bath meditation and healing ceremony for our community around the full moon. The Starlight House also offers a variety of offerings for private bookings including our My Spirit Circle Talks, Vision Parties, and offsite sound healing events.

We’d love to be a part of your next soulful gathering and look forward to co-collaberating with you.


What We Do


Light entrainment technology induces  states of deep relaxation, clarity and creativity. With closed eyes you’ll see fresh, with a visual dance of sacred geometry that can only be compared to a psychedelic journey. 


In our fully immersive experience, you will be bathed in tones and frequency to consistency and effortlessly move your consciousness into expanded states of awareness and tune into the wisdom which is YOU! 


Like nothing you have ever experienced before, you will will be mesmerized! In this highly unique experience your body, mind and spirit will be entrained by seeing, hearing and feeling the frequency.

How It Works


Everything in the Universe is frequency and vibration. Nikola Tesla once famously said “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” All of matter in the Universe is in a constant state of vibration and emitting sound waves with specific frequencies. The frequency we emit is telling a story about  not only the health of everything down to the cells in our body but also our state of being. Our vibration can also attune to our environment. This is why it feels so good to be around positive people or why when we walk barefoot on the Earth and soak in the energy (codes) of the Sun we instantly feel more vibrant and radiant. This can, of course, also happen in reverse; we can be negatively affected by low vibration people and environments especially if we aren’t strong enough to hold our own vibrational signature  through consistent exposure. Our relationship with sound and vibration is often intuitive, but when we start to consciously work with certain emotional states or brainwave patterns we can harness the energy to consciously move in the direction we wish our life to go.


How Can It Help Me?

Improved Sleep

Bio-field Awareness

Pain Relief


Psychedelic Journeys

Spiritual Development

Personal & Professional Development

Anxiety & Stress Relief

Connection to the Higher Self


GDV Device


What is a Bio-Well?

The Bio-well is a GDV  (Gas Discharge Visualization) device developed by Dr. Konstantin Korotkov on the basis of Kirlian photography or effect. This patented technology allows us to take an image of the bio-photon emanating  from the fingertips and thought the Chinese medicine meridian system map them to the organs in the body. In doing so, we can gain greater understanding of how the body is handling stress mentally, physical and spiritually. 

Light & Sound


What is a RoXiva?

RoXiva is the latest in brainwave entrainment technology that uses the pulsation of light at specific frequencies in order to attune the body into certain states of consciousness. The RoXiva requires no preparation and is a completely natural way of experience everything from psychedelic states to deep rest and relation. Its like a gym for your brain. We know that regular exercise is important for our oversell being, with these new technologies we can do the samething for our consciousness. Time for a tune in?

How can we use light, sound and vibration to order the matter which is YOU?


Raise Your Vibration