Bach Flower Remedies

Bach flower remedies are safe, simple, and gentle tinctures created from the vibrational qualities of certain flowers, trees or bushes. Remedies address the emotional imbalances that are often the precursor to physical ailments and disease.  These remedies as completely safe for all ages including infants, without side effects and are non-addictive in nature. Remedies can even be used for animals or plants.

 It’s important to note when working with flower remedies, we treat the INDIVIDUAL, not the disease or symptom. What does this mean? We follow the emotional reaction or framework that an individual has with an event, their environment or people in their life. A similar event can happen to two different people and their emotional reaction can be completely different. Flower remedies work by addressing the negative attitude or perception, not by repressing it but by transforming it into a positive one. This frees the body to self-heal and regulate without the blocks stemming from mental or emotional misperceptions.

 Flower remedies CONTAIN NO PLANT MATERIAL and are simple the vibrational essences of the plant.

Who Was Dr. Bach?

Dr. Bach was a respected pathologist, bacteriologist, immunologist, and homeopathic doctor who also was psychically sensitive. He was one of the first to link emotional disturbances with physical dysregulation. This observation spawned Dr. Bach to look for a simple and easy way to return people to harmonious balance. Bach believed that “illness was reflection of disharmony between the physical personality and the Higher Self or Soul.”  Bach noticed that emotional tendencies especially from fear or negative attitudes led more often to illness. Dr. Bach believed that a gentler system of treatment based on plants and personality dispositions was possible. Early in 1930 walking through a garden, Dr. Bach had the insight that the dew on the plants, heated from the sun, would acquire the properties of the plant and could be used in healing remedies. He went on to develop a system of 38 flower remedies that fall into 7 different personality categories. Popular all over the world and sold in health and grocery stores to this day, this simple and easy method of vibrational healing can be extremely supportive to overall feelings of health and happiness. 

Start Your Journey

Ready to start your journey with these powerful allies from the nature? Want to increase your feelings of confidence and serenity that you can handle the twists and turns of life? Has a sudden life event thrown you for a loop and you’re looking to regain a sense of stability? Are you transitioning your role in life or business and want to maintain a positive outlook? Do you have a desire to connect more honestly and deeply in your relationships?   

These are but a few examples of the ways flower remedies can positively impact your emotional state and your relationship with events in your life.                               At Starlight House, we consult with you to help guide you to the right remedy, dosing and applications.

Here’s how it works:

  1. We MEET one-on-one with you or by phone to discuss your unique circumstances and the driver for instigating your journey.
  2. We EDUCATE you on the history, preparation, and uses of Bach Flower Remedies
  3. We RECOMMEND at least one remedy that may be right for you, where to buy, and how often to take.
  4. We SUGGEST other applications or ways to use your flower remedy.

Consultations are 30 minutes and can be purchased individually or as an add-on to any vibe session (flower remedy consultations will take place prior to your vibe session and a complimentary dosing of your remedy can be added to your treatment. 

 Bach Flower Remedy Consultation $50 /per 30 minutes (by phone or in person). Multi-remedy formulas may require a longer session. Follow up consultations available. Combo sessions $175 (Flower Remedy Consult and Vibe Session) are 90 minutes and in person only.