Using light and sound this device helps attune the body to differing brainwave patterns consistently and reliably and allows you to reach such differing goals as increasing quality sleep, to expanded creativity and even deeper connection with your own higher self. The best part? There’s nothing to do but lay back relax and open your mind to discover your own innate wisdom.

What Is A Frequency Following Response (FFR)?

Brainwave entrainment (BWE) or audio visual entrainment (AVE), is the term used for the effect an external source of regular beats, flashes or vibrations has, on entraining and synchronising the brains own frequency to that of the external stimulation by way of an effect called the Frequency Following Response (FFR).

This can be done with sound, light, vibration or even certain electromagnetic pulses. Entrainment has the added benefit of being able to create inter-hemispheric synchronisation of both sides of the brain and therefore improving communication between both hemispheres; as well as effects like improved cerebral (brain) blood flow and very deep states of relaxation. In a effortless way, our brain takes an unconscious cue from the external rhythm and frequency of almost any consistent significant rhythm, beat or pulse, synchronising our internal brainwave patterns to the same frequency, and over time, ‘entraining’ our brain into a state reflective of the speed/frequency of the stimulation. This process is called Brainwave Entrainment or Audio Visual Entrainment.

It’s a well-studied practice with EEG measurements proving it’s effectiveness in which our brain is naturally encouraged through an external stimulus to tune into an alternative brainwave pattern, leading to beneficial states of deep relaxation, hypnotic trance and meditation, improved sleep, improved focus, heightened awareness and many more.