Feel The Frequency

All sessions include: an intention setting ceremony, take home intention card, Tesla coil charged crystal from your session and grounding tea to settle you before you dive back into your day. For maximum impact we recommend regular “attunements” and offer package pricing with this intent.

Payments can me made via cash, Zelle or Venmo @thestarlighthouse by scanning the QR code below.

. All vibe sessions (excluding The Milky Way) are : $125(a la carte), 4/$400 or 8/$650 

The Milky Way not available for package pricing. 



Take Me Away

Plagued by stress and anxiety? With a flood of social, economical and political strife in the collective, its no wonder our bodies and minds are getting hit with a barrage of stress hormones. This treatment is designed for individuals who wish to take back control of non medicated anxiety and stress. This session is about retraining the brain to a new set point of being during the day that is both relaxed yet action oriented. We recommend trying the session as a series  to help re-establish a new baseline state.  

This session is not a replacement for medical care or treatment for clinically diagnosed conditions.



 Frequency 528

Known as the love frequency or miracle note, frequency 528 is the most powerful of the Solfeggio Frequencies. It has been said that this tone can heal DNA and is intricately connected with nature itself. In fact, Chlorophyll, which helps plants draw energy from light, vibrates at this frequency. Studies have even shown that this tone helps reduce stress and anxiety. Mathematically this frequency is connected to the spirals that are recreated all throughout our world all the way up to the Milky Way!

Ready to see what this frequency can do for you?



 Heart Chakra Healing

Dive into the cavities of the heart with this session designed to allow you to get out of the head and into the yearnings of the heart. Open up to the knowing of this powerful center of divine intelligence. The heart has been scientifically proven to have an an electromagnetic energy field 5000 times greater than the brain’s. The heart’s energy is said to reach about three feet outside of the physical body and can be detected in another person sitting nearby via an electrocardiogram (ECG). Communication runs not just from the brain to the heart, but also the heart to the brain. By gaining greater awareness of what’s in the heart and feeding it with positive emotions we can improve our overall well being with greater heart-brain coherence. 



Grandmother Medicine

Want to take a psychedelic journey without the challenging physical and mental aspects and preparation? Look no further. This treatment is designed to simulate the visual and brainwave patterns produced during a psychedelic trip. You’ll quickly be put in a trance state through the powerful combination of shamanic drumming, pulsating light and vibrational energy. Prepare to be mesmerized and transported into another space.

This service is a powerful way to stay connected to the spirit of the medicine, inbetween ceremonies or as preparation for an initial psychedelic journey . 




The Experience 

Designed to raise your consciousness, “The Experience” brings deep pulsating vibrations and lyrics to stir your curiosity about the nature of our reality.  Less focused on a therapeutic effect (although there is one) , this session takes you on an immersive journey, dazzling your senses and creating a lasting experience that stays with you. Ever been to a movie that just sticks in your head? This will be one of your own creation. Be prepared to be awed by the depths and creativity of your own mind.


Bio=WEll & 


The Milky Way

Our signature treatment, the Milky Way couples a Biowell full report and reading with a vibrational light and sound journey tailored specifically to your chakra system. This service starts by taking an image of the biophotons in your field and maps them through the meridians in your body to see how well your body is handling stress. We then create a sound file based off your current chakra alignment which becomes part of your vibrational sound and light journey.

You will receive a full report which illustrates the state of both the energetic system and physical body.

Participants will also be e-mailed a crystal bowl sound file that can be used nightly or during meditations to reconnect with the energy of your service and help to align the chakras.



Welcome to the Pleiades

Let’s get cosmic with this treatment designed to blast you through the portal and into the ethers. This journey promotes Gamma brainwave entrainment which is associated with astral travel or lucid dreaming. Ideally you will find yourself in a state of relaxed body and yet an alert mind. In this state, you may choose to connect to the star cluster Pleiades located in the Taurus constellation or other star systems that speak to you. This treatment will have you tapping into your intuitive connection and exploring your star seed heritage.

Available as a 60 or 90- minute session. 

$125 / $175


Seasonal Offering 

This is a great way to try out different session types and start to connect and identify how you feel in certain brainwave patterns. Check with your practitioner to find out details on this month’s offering!