Kim Roach, Bali 2018

My Story

A place for vibrational healing

The dream of opening a space for vibrational medicine and healing began in 2018 during a powerful 40th birthday retreat to Bali.  Up for an adventure, I booked my girlfriend and I up for a little side pampering on what sounded to be an extremely unique experience! Within the first few minutes of my first sound, light and vibrational healing session I was hooked and already envisioning how I could bring something similar stateside. Finally, after many setbacks and a pandemic, that vision is here and right on time for a world in deep need of healing and reconnection back to our own source of higher wisdom.

My Story

My Background

A long enthusiast of alternative healing, I have spent the last 20 years exploring  many styles of yoga, breathwork,  meditation, and alternative healing modalities. I am the author of an inspirational children’s yoga book titled, “The Magical Adventures of Bendy Cindy” and previous Creative Director and CEO of the yoga and sportwear line, Stelari. In 2021, I completed my sound practicer training and have been introducing people to the power of sound and light ever since.

Our lives are ultimately a reflection of the daily habits in which we deposit our energies.
Mindset is therefore imperative.

We need clarity to breakthrough the confusion.

We need connection over chaos. We need creativity to find more aligned solutions.

Ultimately, we need habits that feed our values and simplify our lives.

Let us connect you with daily habits and rituals to enrich your best life?

My Philsophy

Be Your Own Guru

The higher you already knows how to heal. The problem is our subconscious patterning often interferes with our conscious intentions.  We want to manifest a more aligned and deeply fulfilling life, but its our initial programing that can block our ability for it to show up. When we consciously began to explore and question these belief systems, we start to understand the misalignment between our conscious desires and our subconscious belief system.  By exploring beliefs and using specific techniques “to write new programs” we can realign ourselves. We discover that we have always been in communication with the higher self, often speaking to us through the body. We start to listen in more subtle and refined ways to the messages from our higher self. We become our own guru, by starting to look on the inside for the answers we seek. 



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Kim Roach, “Be Your Own Guru”
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