We like the Earth, are composed of approximately 70% percent water. In fact, the evolution of our planet and our species was born out of the water which covered our planet and from which we emerged. A theory known as “The Late Heavy Bombardment” (LHB) hypothesis that the solar system, including the Earth, was bombarded by asteroids in which the crust of the Earth become completely covered with ice approximately, 4.5 Billion -3.8 billion years ago. Although the surface of our Earth seems relatively unscarred due to weathering and plate tectonics, other rocky planets included Venus, Mars, Mercury, and our moon show signs of increased collision. (Tillman, 2017). This theory concludes that these asteroids could have been key in delivering water to our planet. Kathrin Altwegg, principle investigator of the ROSINA mass spectrometer on board the European Space Agency’s Rosetta mission to Comet 67P/C-G, said at a 2014 press conference, “Today’s asteroids have very little water — that’s clear, but that was probably not always the case. During the Late Heavy Bombardment 3.8 billion years ago, at that time, asteroids could have had much more water than they could now.” (Tillman, 2017).

A theory known as “The Late Heavy Bombardment” (LHB) hypothesis that the solar system, including the Earth, was bombarded by asteroids in which the crust of the Earth become completely covered with ice approximately, 4.5 Billion -3.8 billion years ago.

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Under this theory, water is the primordial substance from which all life has emerged. From singular cells to multicellular forms, mitochondria to plant life and all terrestrial life first originated out of these waters. These waters contained all 78 elements (those not in gaseous form) known to our planet. These waters were largely absorbed by the land masses that arose as continents and island began to form and the minerals contained in these waters, therefore, become deposited in our soils. (Slovak, 2020)

 René Quinton

René Quinton born in 1866 was a French biologist and physiologist, whose chief accomplishment came in 1904 when he published his book “L’eau de mer, milieu organique” (Ocean water, organic matrix). His book “demonstrated the analogy between the body inner environment, the blood plasma, and ocean water, the medium in which all cellular life had its origin” (Ren Quinton – A Sort Biography, n.d) Under the belief system, that if life emerged from the water, that life could only leave the water by taking the sea with it. Quinton set out and “demonstrated the importance of a perfect balance between intra- and extra- cellular fluids, as well as the fact that the osmotic changes indispensable for life are carried out thanks to blood plasma and maintenance of its characteristics.” (René Quinton, n.d.)

Who was Renee Quinton?He performed several experiments to prove that the liquid in our body (our blood plasma), is of the same chemical composition as seawater, except seawater is more concentrated with salt. According to him, “the sodium chloride content in seawater has varied over the millennia, going from 7 to 8g per litre in the primary oceans to 33g per litre today.” (Plasma Marin, 2021)  During his experiments, Quinton completely replaced the whole blood of several canines with seawater. Despite the distress the animals temporarily went through due to the severity of the procedure, remarkably all of the canines not only survived but many of them thrived overcoming illnesses that they had prior to the procedure. With the success of his findings, the first marine dispensary opened in 1907 with many throughout Paris to follow, treating thousands of patients for free with conditions ranging from cholera, tuberculosis, syphilis, gastroenteritis and malnutrition. With this revolutionary discovery Quinton’s isotonic remedies, were also used as reserve blood plasma during both world wars.

Robert Slovak

Although much of Quinton’s work has been repressed by the pharmaceutical industry, marine plasma was still used throughout Europe, however it was only brought to the US less then 20 years ago by Robert Slovak. Slovak an astronautical and mechanical engineer was a pioneer in reverse osmosis technology for water.  After retiring, Robert wanted to bring his advancements in water technologies to Brazil and the rainforest.  Unfortunately, due to unsanitary eating conditions, he became extremely ill with gastroenteritis and the natives there recommended he take Quintons. This proved a turning point in his life, where he committed to sharing and bringing Quinton’s back to America.

Marine Water: Quinton Isotonic vs. Hypertonic

Quinton’s isn’t just any old sea water; it is seawater that has been purified by the blooms of plankton in a zone of biosynosis. Quinton’s contain all 78 minerals known to Earth (excluding gases) and come in two forms, the Isotonic and Hypertonic.

Quinton seawater contains every mineral known to Earth and is similar to the blood plasma in humans.

This mineral rich fluid helps to support our internal biological terrain, which is often severely diluted due to the depletion of our soils from modern industrial farming practices. Quintons are available in two forms. The Isotonic is diluted to be the exact same composition as our blood plasma. The Hypertonic version is pure sea water and has not been diluted. Some prefer this solution for it more energizing quality, while Isotonic has been shown to put people in a parasympathetic state within 10 minutes of consumption. When deciphering which Quinton may be right for you according to Slovac, “There’s one philosophy that the Isotonic is the medicine, the Hypertonic is the nutrient, okay? So, because Isotonic has immediate access to restoring and rebalancing the composition of the bioterrain, the composition being the periodic table of the elements in precise proportions, it does it faster than the yHpertonic does. So, when someone is under a health condition, in general, there are exceptions, but in general the isotonic is preferred.” (Bgreenfieldva, 2023)

One thing is for certain, when it comes to overall health and wellness, minerals are the fundamental building blocks of health. Through my own personal health journey, I have been awakened to how difficult it can be to get what we need simply through diet. Even with a garden of my own, packed with mineral rich soil, adding Quinton’s to my regimen has helped not only feed my body but has been supportive when working with vibrational or energy medicines and Rife frequencies.

To learn more about Quinton’s or Robert Slovac, visit Water and Wellness. 

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