As we find ourselves embarking on a new era in the collective, it would be impossible not to notice the slew of collective chaos as our belief systems are being radically opened and rewritten. New paradigms seem to be emerging and a barrage of opinion appears at our doorsteps, wanted or not. All this begs the question, how can we align with our own highest truths and see through the fog clouding even our most basic understanding of our culture, the nature of mankind, and ultimately our origins? How do we hold a flexible mind opening to new perspectives, while discerning what is simply propaganda or programming? Astrologically, we see a perfect match between the cosmic influence (Pluto teetering between Capricorn and Aquarius through 2024 while Saturn has entered Pisces with its ruler Neptune) creating the dawn of the new technological age creeping in with a foggy filter asking us to discern what is illusionary.  So what tools can we use to tune into the higher self to gain clarity of our own truths and cut through the confusion? The truth lies in our own biology, a technology hidden inside our own minds connecting us to the higher mind, our pineal gland.

In ancient Egypt, as well as on ancient Sumerian tablets, hieroglyphs contain the image of what appears to be a pinecone on top of a staff. This pinecone shape is a reference to the pineal, a rice size gland at the center of the two hemispheres of the brain. This gland, later coined by René Descartes as ‘the seat of the soul’, is part of the endocrine system containing light-sensitive cells that controls the circadian rhythm responsible for producing melatonin as well as regulating multiple functions in the body including reproduction, executive function, growth, body temperature, blood pressure, mood, immune system, appetite and even longevity. (Northrup, 2020) Some also argue it is responsible for the production of N-dimethyltryptamine or DMT, which is responsible for altered states of consciousness in dreamtime or in a near death experience.  Coined as the “the spirit molecule” by researcher Dr. Rick Strassman, it’s also the active ingredient in plant medicines like Ayahuasca, the venom of certain toads, and some seeds and bark resin.  While the pineal is said to open the crown (7th) chakra, the pituitary gland is known as the third eye (6th chakra) and together this activation in the brain can connect us to information from the higher self or collective consciousness. In Egypt, the Eye of Horus, was a representation of this activation and inner vision, a symbol of prosperity and protection. Remarkable the Eye of Horus is an illustration of the lateral view of the pineal inside the brain and can be divided into six parts which correspond to the six senses smell, sight, thought, hearing, taste, and touch.(ReFaey,2019)

Also interesting to note, that pinecone is a perfect representation of the Fibonacci sequence. According to Wikipedia in mathematics, “the Fibonacci sequence is a sequence in which each number is the sum of the two preceding ones.” The Fibonacci sequence is illustrated throughout nature showing up in everything from center of sunflowers to mollusk shells and in art and architecture like in the Mona Lisa’s face or Greek Parthenon. This sacred geometry is the mathematical language of the Universe and may be key in understanding divinity and the higher mind.

With the third eye we are said to see pass through the veil of reality into the truth underneath, a superpower necessary more than ever through these transitory times. Brainwave entrainment, also referred to as fractionation hypnosis, can help us to alter our brainwave patterns and achieve altered states of consciousness simply with the use of light. The pineal gland is not protected by the blood brain barrier and thus is susceptible to calcification mostly due to the fluoridation of our water, as well as, toothpaste and dental treatments. Poor nutrition and toxic environmental factors like EMFs also contribute.  “A blocked pineal gland can lead to poor memory, anxiety and impair our physical, emotional, and mental health.”  (Jackson, S. B. , 2020).  Decalcifying the pineal through light stimulation, or other practices such as kriyas and breathwork, can reactive this ‘phone line’ if you will to the higher self.  Allowing a stream of information to be filtered into the body from a source outside the egoic mind, we can gain clarity on situations from the personal to collective and beyond.

Awakening this innate superpower can make all the difference as we navigate a time plagued by incredible amounts of illusion and confusion. Connecting to our own source of wisdom aligns us with a guidance designed perfectly for us. I’ve gathered a few tips below to help you make small daily changes that will ignite an awakening to your own third eye.

Tips to start accessing your higher self:

  • Stop using fluoride and make sure are consuming good filtered (and ideally) structured water. I love this powder toothpaste for its purity.
  • Clean up your diet and infuse it with foods that can help naturally decalcify your pineal. Refrain from too much fish with high mercury content and decrease or eliminate alcohol. Add in daily Chaga tea, green leafy vegetables high in Chlorophyl, perhaps spice up your cooking with some turmeric and start or finish your day with a yummy raw cacao ritual.
  • Reduce EMF exposure. Install EMF blockers or a faraday cage for your Wi-Fi and always put cell phones on airplane mode or in the other room when you sleep. Learn more about the effects of EMFs on the pineal and find blockers here.
  • Try practices the activate the cerebral spinal fluid like breathwork and cranial sacral and use light therapy stimulation and sound to open your mind and relax your nervous so your body can open to higher guidance and healing.

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